Thursday, October 11, 2012

52nd All Japan Plamodel Hobby Show

to the left is a case of white out

      From October 8 to October 11 is the hobby product focused 52nd annual All-Japan Plamodel Hobby Show. Some companies attending include Kotobukiya, WAVE and Bandai. Its basically Dolls for really crazy fanatic people. this is the one event where you'll find that the majority of the population are fanboys.
      Lots of new releases of models where there including releases of anime models of course ,but i personally love the robots it's like transformers are 2003 Word compared to 2010 Word of Japan!! There's these two big companies that goes to the event practically every year. their names are Gundam and Gunjap. they rock!!
i wish i could buy this but in reality this rare beauty is around 1,000 dollars or even more

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