Monday, October 22, 2012

lets talk about more cosplay

i know i have been missing something and it has been nagging at my brain for a very long time now. i forgot one of the best cosplay categories of them all 

one of the more westernized cosplay but it is still great. it sort of combines future with the past. like picture the wizard of OZ tin man but in brass with a lot of chains and especially clocks. when i say clocks i don't not only mean pocket watches but the actual gears of the watch are very important. the most dominant colors in steam punk are black, brown and red but their are many other colors that people fantastically pull off. 

i believe that they call it steam punk because i sort 
of goes to the time
 where the steam engine was invented

for reference i would watch the movie "Steam Boy" probubly the coolest steam punk anime i have ever seen.

here are some cool pictures

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  1. I finally found it! I read the whole thing and I am really loving what you did and am apologizing for being extremely harsh on you. Its just that I don't know how to really help besides repeating what I have already said like a parrot. I believe it would be really helpful if we all came up with one goal for the club and from what I gather I would be about the Jfashion show.I am thinking though that it is going to have to be put off till the end of the year or at least just after presentations.
    for fundraising you said it would would be nice if we could sell hot chocolate. I love the idea when we can pull it off, which we will but I think it would be really nice if we can add something to that like a little side dish or just something that goes well with it: cookies, marshmallows,chocolate, roasted nuts, fruit, smores, popcorn, brownie, ect. The problem then becomes more complicated in terms of admin approval and how much the average student is willing to pay for our product because what ever we buy we have to make money off. So next meeting it would also be a good idea to see how much this is going to cost us and how far we think admin will let us go.