Saturday, December 8, 2012


i back people after a long time i am now posting again now more than ever so here is some update on the website that i hope that you guys will enjoy.

THE VIG is desired venue for our event. but because of the pricing we will only be using part of the vig which is the outside section of THE VIG

not bad if i do say so myself. will be contacting them soon through letter phone or in person if i am feeling gutsy enough that day.

we are specifically going to the one in Arcadia


4041 N. 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85018


Mon-Fri 11am-1am
Sat-Sun 10am-1am
(bar always closes @ 2am)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What is Cosplay

         Cosplay, is the contraption of the words “Costume” and “play” (So It's not a shocker that our event that we are having in March is going to be called "Costume Art Play"). Those who casplay are known as “cosplayers” or in Japan simply reyazu for “players.”
         So, what is cosplay exactly? It is the act of dressing up as a character from animes, comics, videogames, manga, movies, books, and even Visual-Kei rock bands in Japan. Also lets not forget about Lolita (goth and sweet), Decor and Kawaii. Don't confuse what is the art of cosplay for a Halloween costume, because they're not the same. You may get many arguments on this subject for the 
         The term “cosplay” was coined by Nov Takahashi in 1984, while attending a sci-fi convention in LosAngles. He was so impressed by the costume masquerade that he wrote about it in Japanese sci-fi magazines. Word spread quickly through Japan of this new  proformance art. And the rest is history. Many people believe cosplay originated in Japan, but that’s not necessarily true. Forrest J. Ackerman inspired fan-costuming worldwide when he wore the first futuristic costume, made by Myrtle R. Douglas, to the 1st World Science Fiction Convention in 1939 in Caravan Hall in New York. Don't get it twisted thought Cosplaying is a great part of modern Japanese culture.

now that that you all just got educated in in the art lets go over what we have established for the 

Costume Art Play Event

    • probably going to be in early march but this will change according to how the plan plays out.
    • there is going to be a cosplay fashion show (depeanding on the number of people who sign up this will be split into a various number of fashion shows.
    • we do plan to have a couple of panel speakers
    • also a cosplay ball 
we need as many supporters as we can get to make this happen people!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

lets talk about more cosplay

i know i have been missing something and it has been nagging at my brain for a very long time now. i forgot one of the best cosplay categories of them all 

one of the more westernized cosplay but it is still great. it sort of combines future with the past. like picture the wizard of OZ tin man but in brass with a lot of chains and especially clocks. when i say clocks i don't not only mean pocket watches but the actual gears of the watch are very important. the most dominant colors in steam punk are black, brown and red but their are many other colors that people fantastically pull off. 

i believe that they call it steam punk because i sort 
of goes to the time
 where the steam engine was invented

for reference i would watch the movie "Steam Boy" probubly the coolest steam punk anime i have ever seen.

here are some cool pictures

Thursday, October 11, 2012

52nd All Japan Plamodel Hobby Show

to the left is a case of white out

      From October 8 to October 11 is the hobby product focused 52nd annual All-Japan Plamodel Hobby Show. Some companies attending include Kotobukiya, WAVE and Bandai. Its basically Dolls for really crazy fanatic people. this is the one event where you'll find that the majority of the population are fanboys.
      Lots of new releases of models where there including releases of anime models of course ,but i personally love the robots it's like transformers are 2003 Word compared to 2010 Word of Japan!! There's these two big companies that goes to the event practically every year. their names are Gundam and Gunjap. they rock!!
i wish i could buy this but in reality this rare beauty is around 1,000 dollars or even more

Sunday, October 7, 2012

In the meeting when i am not present

In next meeting we will be going over the j- fashion post everybody!!!

things that we also need to go over is...

    • the j fashion show
      • we need to have a set date established or estimated and judges asinged. i would like to be in charge of kawaii, decora or visual k
    • i want the judges and brainstorms emailed to me at once, that job should be assigned to the secretary of the club.
    • i also want people to post on the fundraising idea post and get ideas to the point where we can make progress in the next meeting.
    • for dates of the fashion show we should warn students ahead of time so they have time to get their costumes ready and we should have a sign up sheet for people who want to be in the show. whether you guys want their to be an entry fee is up to you but it would give use less money to fundrais.
    • for the vice president  tell members about the website and you must run the meeting. i fi get word that there was no meeting i will be angry. 
    • you guys should also go over where you want the fashion show to be AND WHAT MUSIC YOU WANT TO BE PLAYED. i recommend some vocaliod music myself 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Update September 30th

here is some other great links for some cool websites on Japanese fashion everyone.
make sure you are checking them out because we will be deciding judges next meeting.
this is more current Japanese fashion.

Saturday, September 22, 2012



The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of  Japanese clothing is the Kimono, which literally translated simply means 'clothing'. This traditional outfit is one of the most recognizable parts of Japanese culture. Although it is not commonly in use any more, you can still spot Japanese women wearing kimono from time to time, but in most cases it indicates some formal meeting, religious holidays or family ceremonies, such as weddings.  There are many types of kimono, each worn according to the persons age, marital status, season or event. 

The other type of traditional Japanese Kimono is called Yukata. This is a summer casual kimono worn by both men and women. For more formal occasions this kimono type can be accompanied by wooden sandals, called geta and obi belt wrapped around the waist. Yukata is lightweight cotton kimono  normally with very brightly colored designs on it.  It is mostly worn for summer festivals and religious ceremonies such as Bon-Odori.

Lolita , gothic Lolita, sweet Lolita

This is a youth fashion among Japanese teenagers and young women. It emphasizes Victorian-style girl's clothing and often aims to imitate the look of Victorian porcelain dolls. Gothloli's name and origin is a combination of lolita fashion, appearing deliberately cute to the point of looking childish, and certain styles found within gothic fashion. The style started as a youth subculture sometime around 1997-98 and became a well-established genre available in various boutiques and some major department stores by around 2001. 

Gothic Lolita is one of the subcategories of the Lolita look. Other categories include "
Classic Lolita" (more traditional, light-coloured, also more mature-looking) and "Sweet Lolita" (childish pastel-coloured clothes, lots of lace and ribbons).

Kawaii And Decora

Kawaii itself means very "cute", "adorable", and "pretty".
this fashion consists of very bright colors and many accessories. that means hair clips and lots and lots of bows man.
Decora also known as "Decoration" is a japanese style adopted mainly by young japanese girls. Decora consists of bright colors and hair clips with bows. Lots of layering and colorful accessories are used in Decora. The accessories include plastic and furry toys and jewelry, which stick together and make noise as the wearer moves.

The style is sometimes mistakenly called "Fruits style" by people that are not from Japan. 

for more:


A narrow street packed with young fashionable people and lined with fashion boutiques and cafes. This is definitely the place to be seen if you are young Tokyoite, but well worth visiting as a tourist. Takeshita-dori represents the cutting edge of fashion in Tokyo where you can see all the latest in Japanese street fashion and then buy in the boutiques.

Harajuku Girls is a term to describe women and teenaged girls in Harajuku(Tokyo Japan) who wear a style of clothing that originated in the street culture of major cities in Japan, i.e. Tokyo and Osaka. The "Harajuku style," named for the Harajuku district of Tokyo, combines a wide range of diverse influences, and is also known as "Fruits Fashion" by followers of Fruits Magazine. The terms "Harajuku Girls" and "Fruits" are not used by the Japanese to describe themselves. 

Visual kei

Visual Kei refers to a movement among Japanese rock (jrock) musicians and is characterized by the use of elaborate costumes, eccentric, looks and hairstyles. The Visual Kei look usually involves striking make-up,
The "kei" in Visual Kei is japanese for style of type, meaning "visual style music" The music ranges from eighties goth rock, to heavy metal to punk and usually some combo of the three. Most bands are indie but a not many make it to major labels such as Malice Mizer, Raphael, & Dir En Grey.
Visual Kei has influenced Harajuku style fashion, especially those who gather on Jingu Bashi - a pedestrian bridge connecting the bustling Harajuku district with Meiji Shrine.


Cosplay is an abbreviation of Costume Play. It is a Japanese subculture based on dressing like characters from manga, anime,and video games. The term cosplay pronounced "kosupure" in Japanese.
In Japan, "cosplay" as a hobby is usually an end unto itself. Cosplay can be seen at public events and shows as well as at dedicated cosplay parties.

uerukamu, irasshai, settai, hougei, kangei aka: Welcome

this is the blog for my club members and those who are interested in the Japanese brigade at Arizona School for the arts. the Heads of the club will be putting information on club meetings, events, and for information relating to the club. if you have any ideas OR suggestions leave a comment 

"the Japanese brigade is all about learning, discovering and experimenting with ancient and current Japanese culture in spontaneous displays of pure awesomeness" - IMANI JACKSON (president)