Sunday, January 27, 2013

More New New years celebrations

continuing from more new year traditions

Shuri Castle in Okinawa japan just had thier new year celebration as well

        it’s basicaly like a party at Shuri Castle Park, a three-day event daily 8:30 a.m. ~ 5 p.m.  Celebrating the new year.
      The ceremony brings the New Year’s greetings to the Emperor who incorporated the essence of the Ryukyu Dynasty, a flashback to history.  Ryukyu dancing suitable for a king and queen is presented in a ceremony called “Chouhaiokishiki”(really long word)
The ceremony runs in three parts.
     The Ninufanuunufee is a ceremony to the God of heavens to worship, and is the ceremony during which the upper and lower sides set the heart to one, also while it was solemn, and celebrated the new year praying for peace.  The second element, the Chounuunufee, looks at the beginning of the year, when people celebrate the king in a ceremony with prayers for prosperity of the Ryukyu Kingdom.
   Shishimai lion brings good harvest for the coming year.
this is scene from a part of a dance with a shishimai lion which is in many other rituals across japan like this one . it is similar to the one used in shinese new accept that i dragon and this is a lion
to further understand how they are similar lets recall snoop dog change to snoop lion as china is dog and japan is lion

The final ceremony, Ohtohri, invites subordinates and the king to drink a cup of awamori together in celebration completing the unity of all people don't you think.  The ceremony includes prayers for the prosperity of a king, a prince and a grandchild.  Throughout the ceremonies, performances of musical instruments and Ryukyu traditional dance takes place.

       as you can see these dancers who are all female (i hope not very sure. you really can never tell. but that is a story for another post) and they dance with theses gigantic head pieces and pretty kimonos

in atempt not to be sexxist there re guy dancer too who do many warior dances 

but girls can be many as well as you can see to the left

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