Thursday, March 7, 2013

White day!!

don't be racist now it's actually a holiday. And NO! they don't have a holiday for the rest of the other colors i am sorry.

but they do have white day!
i wish america would further adapt themselves to this holiday but of course the world is not square like i want it to be.

apparently women needed an answer in japan to their valentines day chocolates so whit day is just that. men give presents usually white themed or in white box's to the women that they love. the cool thing about white day is that you have not curtsy chocolates >.< therefore if you didn't get a gift it's most likely that you are alone (like myself....... so alone in the world : (....)

i think it is such an adorable holiday  for some odd reason. mostly due to the fact that i have no one to love what so every 

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